For forever and a day, humans have wanted to find ways to connect with one another despite the miles between them or unruly time for a meet-up. Solution after solution, we’ve moved into an era in which making personal connections got easier and more effective, so why not take advantage of this for your business?

Depending on the type of business, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube – the list goes on, would ideally be linked to an official, personalised website which displays your company’s brand wholly.

Below are the five top reasons you should have your business on a social media platform.

1) It’s free!: A business can spend around €3000 – €7000 on public relations management (PR), and although this proves to be profitable for the business in most cases, start-up companies might consider this as a bit too costly and would opt out of it. Fortunately social media platforms are free, for the most part- and in actual fact could become a source of revenue for the business through advertisements.

 2) It’s where everyone is: Precisely that. Social media platforms have taken over, and it’s almost a guarantee that your target audience has featured itself on them. The greater social media platforms, such as Facebook, enable an individual to construct a personal profile and then utilise features such as instant messaging (IM), video chatting, gaming, and browsing through a news feed which contains information, stories, and reports published by other profiles that he or she follows. Simple enough, right? With this in mind, each individual has his or her own ‘web’ of connections with other individuals – and both good and bad news travels fast from web to web; and that is how you get your name out! Considering the vast amounts of users on these social sites, it could be thought of as the easiest and best way to create a buzz.

3) It’s the best way to your market: Seeing that you’ll find all sorts of people on the social platforms, it is the easiest way to find, pull, and market your business to the audience that will make you profitable. Most websites offer post publishing, commenting, and messaging; and these not only help you to keep your customers up to date with your business – thus building and maintaining a customer relationship – but it also allows your customers to provide you with valuable feedback. With that being said, it is considerably wise to bury in mind that public feedback is a double edged sword – the same way good feedback can bring in more sales, bad feedback can create a negative vibe and cause profits to plummet.

4) Brings more traffic to your official site: As mentioned in the introduction, it is ideal that a business would have the social media platforms as an add-on to the official business website, and utilise them to bring in more traffic to the site. The giants of social media, such as Facebook or Twitter, all have their content, (your posts), indexed with the most popular search engines – and therefore pose as a great advantage to your business as the indexed content on the popular browsers can redirect potential customers to the social media platform that your content is on, and then to your official site.

5) The Optimal showcase: When you want to purchase some items – be it clothes, technology, DIY material, or what have you – you would typically go to a shopping mall where there are tens or hundreds of shops with the related products behind large glass windows, displaying what each individual shop has to offer. The very same can be applied for a business on social media – except that your ‘shop window’ is a lot easier to find and browse through. Keep in mind that your ‘shop window’ won’t only be considered as convenient by your already well-established customer base, but also presents itself as great opportune to attract new customers. To wrap things up, online social media platforms are tremendously advantageous for most business, especially those within the retail industry. Despite online social platforms being a great way of maintaining a relationship between your business and your customers, it isn’t necessarily effective for all sorts of business; you can’t exactly imagine a Funeral Director business posting information about their satisfied customers on social media, can you? Ultimately, if it doesn’t make sense to your customers, it shouldn’t make sense to your business.