A business is worth nothing but paper clips and pencils without customers; so it is advisable that apart from supplying the product or service, the business would also be on good terms with them.

Unfortunately we live in a cruel world in which bad experiences are shared and spread around like the plague, and good experiences are taken for granted and kept to oneself; or at most, shared with the close ones. Nonetheless, here are five tips for great customer service that guarantee positive talk on your customer’s lips.

1) Say ‘Yes’! : Yes, saying ‘yes’ and going out of your way (within reason) to satisfy a customer will certainly leave a positive impression on them, because it conveys that you can provide them with virtually anything related to the service or product – this will then build a good relationship with the customer, who will indubitably return to you for another custom.

2) Give more than expected: Sometimes in business things are preferred to be kept simple, and solely do ‘what it says on the tin’; but people tend to appreciate the extras. Let’s take a dry cleaning business as an example. Somewhere in the logo or slogan the service that the businesses provides is already quite self-explanatory; they dry clean. However, the business can provide other peripheral services such as delivery, flexible opening hours, regular washing of other fabrics, etc. When a customer sees that this business provides more than just ‘what it says on the tin’, it will entice them to use their service. Also, people love free things – so finding a good work-around to provide as many free things as you can will always go down well with the customer.

3) Anticipate needs: Everybody has needs, and when a need arises we’d want it fulfilled immediately – it is human nature. However, when providing a service one should think about the probable needs of the customers; that way you’d be solving problems before they even arise, without the added pressure of possible customer dissatisfaction.

4) Have a good team: It is essential to keep in mind that no matter how good of a person you are by yourself; ultimately it is your employees that represent your company. If you have a good team, you have a good business – simple. For example, in an electronics’ store when a customer is greeted by a salesperson who exhibits pride in his or her uniform and provides as much information as possible, the customer is more likely to purchase the item simply because of the pleasant environment he or she was greeted in. So, with this example in mind, it is vital to keep your employees happy so that they in turn will keep customers happy. 

5) Know how to handle unhappy customers: Quite unfortunately it is difficult to please everyone, and having an upset customer at some point or another is almost inevitable; so, it’s best to ready yourself and your staff for the barrage of dissatisfaction a customer may throw at you. It is vital to keep calm and focus on providing the client with what they require; naturally, without infringing any company policies. It is highly recommended that the company would have multiple ways of being contactable; such as: e-mail, snail mail, telephony, instant messaging, and even face-to-face contact. It is also highly advisable that a customer is dealt with and provided with the appropriate help as soon as possible; nothing irritates a customer more than being tossed from contact to contact in a bureaucratic system. Ideally there would be a customer service department which would be knowledgeable enough to deliver any service or information that the company can provide.

To conclude, as a general rule one ought to abide by the idea of ‘the customer is always right’; because ultimately they are the ones that make your job possible.