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Who we are

Holistic Solutions is the sub division of the Holistic IT Group which is responsible for the research of the latest software techniques as well as the development of custom and off the shelf software solutions. Formerly known as Holistic Research & Development (HRD), this division was set up to meet the increase in demand of IT Outsourcing, whereby several companies started to recognise the need to outsource their IT systems to third party software houses – a trend that has always been on the increase ever since.
In fact, most of the middle market firms and even smaller companies, are outsourcing their IT needs. With high productivity levels, a skilled workforce , excellent pricing and a robust infrastructure backed by a tradition of stability, Malta is a low risk option as an international business centre and an excellent outsourcing location.

Why Choose Us

Focused Staff
Focus on your core business and let us provide you with one of our solutions. New Systems need to be developed while existing ones need to be maintained or enhanced. Staffing up and training together with the time for a newly recruited employee to fit in and start achieving is a long process that not only takes a lot of time but also consumes a lot of your company’s human and financial resources.
Reduce Operational Costs
Get to Market Quickly
Leverage our Expertise

Core Technologies Used

Developing software requires an experienced team that understands how your business works. We can proudly say that Holistic is a leader in the software development process and we specialize in end-to-end software development. We use industry best practices to ensure a state of the art, easy to use, custom developed software solution that enhances your core business. Through our vast experience, expertise and proven success track record, we can assist you in solving your software development challenges by turning your vision into a tangible solution. At Holistic we have a team of experienced and qualified Systems Analysts, Marketing Personnel, Web and Graphic Designers and Web Developers all of whom will assist you in all stages of the software solution development.

  • Microsoft Visual Studio.Net – C#, ASP.Net, .Net Framework 4, Entity Framework 4
  • PHP
  • XML & XSL
  • JavaScript & jQuery
  • HTML & CSS
  • LESS
  • SQL 2008 R2 +
  • MySQL
  • WordPress & Drupal
  • Apache
  • Windows Server 2008 RS2 +
  • Microsoft Project and UML design tools
  • SVN & Git (BitBucket)
  • Transforming of Legacy Systems (e.g. FoxPro or VB6.0) to .NET, MS Access or SQL