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5 Reasons Your Business Should Utilise Social Media

For forever and a day, humans have wanted to find ways to connect with one another despite the miles between them or unruly time for a meet-up. Solution after solution, we’ve moved into an era in which making personal connections got easier and more effective, so why not take advantage of this for your business?

Depending on the type of business, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube – the list goes on, would ideally be linked to an official, personalised website which displays your company’s brand wholly.

Below are the five top reasons you should have your business on a social media platform.

1) It’s free!: A business can spend around €3000 – €7000 on public relations management (PR), and although this proves to be profitable for the business in most cases, start-up companies might consider this as a bit too costly and would opt out of it. Fortunately social media platforms are free, for the most part- and in actual fact could become a source of revenue for the business through advertisements.

 2) It’s where everyone is: Precisely that. Social media platforms have taken over, and it’s almost a guarantee that your target audience has featured itself on them. The greater social media platforms, such as Facebook, enable an individual to construct a personal profile and then utilise features such as instant messaging (IM), video chatting, gaming, and browsing through a news feed which contains information, stories, and reports published by other profiles that he or she follows. Simple enough, right? With this in mind, each individual has his or her own ‘web’ of connections with other individuals – and both good and bad news travels fast from web to web; and that is how you […]

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5 Tips for Great Customer Service

A business is worth nothing but paper clips and pencils without customers; so it is advisable that apart from supplying the product or service, the business would also be on good terms with them.

Unfortunately we live in a cruel world in which bad experiences are shared and spread around like the plague, and good experiences are taken for granted and kept to oneself; or at most, shared with the close ones. Nonetheless, here are five tips for great customer service that guarantee positive talk on your customer’s lips.

1) Say ‘Yes’! : Yes, saying ‘yes’ and going out of your way (within reason) to satisfy a customer will certainly leave a positive impression on them, because it conveys that you can provide them with virtually anything related to the service or product – this will then build a good relationship with the customer, who will indubitably return to you for another custom.

2) Give more than expected: Sometimes in business things are preferred to be kept simple, and solely do ‘what it says on the tin’; but people tend to appreciate the extras. Let’s take a dry cleaning business as an example. Somewhere in the logo or slogan the service that the businesses provides is already quite self-explanatory; they dry clean. However, the business can provide other peripheral services such as delivery, flexible opening hours, regular washing of other fabrics, etc. When a customer sees that this business provides more than just ‘what it says on the tin’, it will entice them to use their service. Also, people love free things – so finding a good work-around to provide as many free things as you can will always go down well with the customer.

3) Anticipate needs: Everybody has […]

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Should I Upgrade to Windows 10?

Windows 10: Microsoft’s latest Operating System so great that it surpassed the traditional counting system we all abide by, and skipped the number ‘9’ to go straight to Windows 10.

Excitement has been accumulating within the Windows fan-boys and fan-girls during the past few weeks of countdown until the long-awaited launch of Windows 10. The new OS boasts not only the return of the bitterly missed ‘Start’ button, but also an aesthetically minimalistic revamp of the user interface, new features such as Cortana (a virtual personal assistant), the new Edge browser, and some other great looking features. However, now that it is released – should you upgrade so soon?

As a general rule, a new piece of software, especially an OS, should be given around four months to a whole year before being used commercially; the reason being that a newly released program is typically infested with bugs, and a few months trial period give the manufacturers time to roll out updates; ironing out any creases.

Despite it being primitive human nature to want things which are free, and yes, Windows 10 is free up until the 29th of July 2016 – I will not be taking the lack of price tag into consideration.

With that in mind, here are three good reasons to upgrade to Windows 10:

1) It looks marvellous – The first noticeable change is the new, minimal look Windows 10 has been given – although this was somewhat predictable in view of the fact that recent Microsoft products, such as Office 365 online and Microsoft Office 2013, have been moving away from the ‘bubbly’ icons to more square-like and minimal designs.

Windows 10 introduced new applications to open video and audio files, and one cannot help […]

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5 Common Software Development Problems

Every Software Development company faces different challenges throughout its daily operations. In this article we have summed up the most common problems that companies encounter and we have also listed possible solutions.
Clear Initial Requirements
Before starting any development project one must clearly know what the client’s requirements are. Unfortunately sometimes what the client wants is not what the client needs. It is the job of the system analyst to identify the requirements. This does not mean that the client does not know what he wants from a system but it’s often the case that the clients describes the system how it can solve the current problem. The system analyst must make sure to clearly understand the problem, the workflow that is leading to this problem and to identify ways how the system can work to solve the current problem while optimising other workflows.

The solution is to have one person who is in charge to write the requirements document, have it signed by the client and explained to the development team prior of starting the project. The solution here while it seems very simple in nature, it is sometimes taken for granted due to time constraints or budgets.

Schedule Work and Keep Track of Project Timelines
Software Development is all about tasks, milestones and the duration of each one. The problems lies in keeping up with the hours allocated for each task. There are various reasons why a project can exceed the allocated time and the important part is not to tackle each of these reasons, but to identify if a task is going to eventually end up exceeding the time allocation prior to doing so.

To do this you need a project management solution where the project manager […]

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