Should I Move to the Cloud?

Cloud computing is something that is nowadays the norm for most services we use. Large tech companies like Microsoft, Google and others have shifted to providing all their services in the cloud. Most users do not question these companies because you either use their service in the cloud or you find an alternative. However when you are not Microsoft or Google, explaining clients the benefits of having their system in the cloud can be a daunting task. We compiled an article listing what we believe are the pros and cons of having your systems in the cloud.

Pros in the Cloud
Focus on your business operations
When having a system installed on premises, one thing that most users forget is that the server needs to be maintained. Running costs to make sure that everything is being backed up, hardware maintenance and upkeep of your hosting environment, is a cost that some users do not factor in. The examples mentioned above are just the start of what goes into providing an excellent hosting environment for a system. Most users do not have the proficiency to do the above mentioned tasks, apart from the fact that most probably hosting is not their line of work.
Having systems in the cloud will make sure that all the hosting related tasks are handled by the hosting provider. Most probably, not even the company selling you the software will handle these tasks (which is also a good thing). The hosting provider (data centre) will provide your software supplier with environment and daily tasks to make sure that systems keep running without any issues.

Cost Efficient
Having systems in the cloud is a very cost efficient way to maintain, use and upgrade systems. Keep in mind, […]

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3 Great Reasons to Re-design your website

With Social media being an integral part of businesses, one might not give a website that much importance any more. We meet clients that have the wrong impression that a facebook page will be enough and a website is a marketing tool that is now being replaced. While we agree that utilising social media to reach your target market is important, one should not replace the other. Keeping your company website up-to-date is something not to be taken lightly, especially if you notice that your site’s conversion rates are not as expected. We’ve listed three points why you should consider to re-design your website.
CMS System Out of Date
With the use of open source CMSs it is the outmost importance that your CMS, plugins and modules are kept up-to-date. While we are firm believers that CMSs are a must in today’s website development, it is also important to keep in mind that vulnerabilities are always present due to the fact that the website is code is available for everyone. When a vulnerability in a CMS or plugin is found, this is resolved immediately due to the issues such vulnerabilities can cause. However it is up to the webmaster to keep the website updated to avoid any potential issues. Most hosting provider will demand that you keep your website updated since it can cause blacklisting of the server’s ip. Make sure that your website is updated regularly and that you webmaster ensures that your website is residing on a server with no blacklisting issues.

Website Looks Outdated
Mobile devices have become an integral part of our lifestyle. If you have a website that is not optimised for mobile devices this can be an setback for your current users. […]

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5 Common Software Development Problems

Every Software Development company faces different challenges throughout its daily operations. In this article we have summed up the most common problems that companies encounter and we have also listed possible solutions.
Clear Initial Requirements
Before starting any development project one must clearly know what the client’s requirements are. Unfortunately sometimes what the client wants is not what the client needs. It is the job of the system analyst to identify the requirements. This does not mean that the client does not know what he wants from a system but it’s often the case that the clients describes the system how it can solve the current problem. The system analyst must make sure to clearly understand the problem, the workflow that is leading to this problem and to identify ways how the system can work to solve the current problem while optimising other workflows.

The solution is to have one person who is in charge to write the requirements document, have it signed by the client and explained to the development team prior of starting the project. The solution here while it seems very simple in nature, it is sometimes taken for granted due to time constraints or budgets.

Schedule Work and Keep Track of Project Timelines
Software Development is all about tasks, milestones and the duration of each one. The problems lies in keeping up with the hours allocated for each task. There are various reasons why a project can exceed the allocated time and the important part is not to tackle each of these reasons, but to identify if a task is going to eventually end up exceeding the time allocation prior to doing so.

To do this you need a project management solution where the project manager […]

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10 Signs You Should Invest in IT Outsourcing

Some years ago one of my clients was mentioned on the news.  The economic downturn meant that they had to fire employees.  This was not a good advert for them, however in difficult times one must take difficult decisions.  This client was facing a difficult period because their own clients had reduced orders. Obviously my first concern was that of a domino effect, because as suppliers, this meant that it was now our turn. 

However this was not the case.  In difficult times one must take difficult decisions but one must also undertake more intelligent investments.

In fact we received more work from our client.  Why?

This is simply because the managers realised that by analysing their data more, and by making sure that they get the right reports in time, they will reduce wastages, increase production, reduce costs and in the end win the battle of survival against their competitors.  As a result of their achievement, years after they are now again a major player in their sector!

So when, why and how should one invest in IT Outsourcing?
Choose the right partner
The right partner should not just be a good developer, but most importantly, the right partner should understand your business.  I often ask questions, irrelevant to the project I am assigned to.  Besides learning new things I feel it is important to know the client, the way they work, the reason why they work that way, their values and most important, their vision.

Talk but listen
I often get requests from people and companies to develop solutions and they tell me how to do my work.  I have also at times took over failed projects and one important aspect of the failure of my predecessor was not bad […]

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