iOS 8 Release: How does it affect the developer community?

With the new release of iOS 8, Tim Cook mentioned “this release is the biggest [developer] release since the launch of the App Store.” While this might seem as the best way to sell your OS to developers, Tim Cook’s statement was clearly backed up by an extensive list of changes. These changes will clearly give the possibility to mobile developers to make use of the new features and to expand into new app categories which might be lacking within the app store.

Here are some changes that are included in iOS 8 that we think are game changing to development community:
Testflight was acquired by Apple last February and is a must for any app developer (iOS only now, sorry Android). This will allow iOS developers to allow beta testing for both developers and users. The advantage of using TestFlight is that you can allow your users to test your app on the user’s device and gather instant feedback. While this was the service provided by TestFlight prior of the acquisition, we can assume that now the integration with iOS devices will be seamlessly (its Apple after all).

We had to read this twice but yes it is true! Through QuickType, Apple will allow users to choose their primary keyboard from other developers. While this is something that is old news on Android, in iOS it opens a huge market for developers to make use of other keyboard implementation.

Apple had its fair share of security breaches and while no one can actually point their finger at Apple per se, consumers are worried that their data is not stored in a secure manner. This is why in iOS 8 will allow app developers to make use of […]

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    7 Ways Businesses Can Embrace Technology to Improve Efficiency

7 Ways Businesses Can Embrace Technology to Improve Efficiency

Digital technology is transforming how we all work in ways that are completely disruptive —and while it’s not likely that any of the following tactics will increase your productivity in ways that allows you to do the job of 100 people, it’s very likely that your company (and certainly your competitors) are taking very close look at them, and probably they’re already using them.

Embrace Technology for Inventory Management

What are the pain points?
Inventory management can be extremely labor-intensive. In many companies, it’s a manual process that requires someone to check products by hand against a paper document or, at best, an Excel spreadsheet. Not only is the process time-intensive, it also carries a high potential for human error. Beyond individual products, it’s also extremely labor-intensive to gather aggregate data for strategic planning and reporting. A costly and inefficient process.

How technology helps:
A digital inventory management solution delivers reduced labor costs as the result of far greater efficiency in the overall inventory management process. Errors are minimized, which in turn means a reduction in over stocking or lost sales which means additional cost savings. Beyond these very tangible benefits, companies using inventory management systems enjoy faster and more accurate access to data and an overall increase in organizational transparency. All in all, a big win.

Embrace Technology for Social Media Management

What are the pain points?
Social media gets more complicated by the day as consumers embrace new platforms for sharing news, photos and recommendations. Companies need to do more to understand how their customers and potential customers are interacting in their online networks—they need to put into place systems for understanding how their products and services are being discussed, reaching out to those customers and being agile and responsive to interactions in real time.

How technology helps:
Setting up […]

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    5 Tools Everyone in The Software Development Industry Should Be Using

5 Tools Everyone in The Software Development Industry Should Be Using

One of the struggle each software development company faces on a day-to-day basis, is to keep track of all the operations in different departments. Companies without any standard operating procedures (SOPs) and without tools to automate company processes will face these struggles irrespective of the company size. Below are 5 tools that we vouch for and we use on a daily basis:
A CRM is one of the most important tools a company should invest in, as this will give you the possibility to keep track of your contacts. From start-ups to fortune 500 companies know that keeping track of your contacts is an imperative task. We make use of the WiSDoM CRM which is one of the core vertical solutions of our WiSDoM Business platform. The WiSDoM CRM is used by all the various teams in our company:

Sales Team: Keep Track of Leads, Potentials and Quotes
Marketing Team: Integrate with Newsletter services, to contact our clients with the latest information about our company.
Operations Team: Identify Potentials with a high percentage or probability, keep track of quotes and receive job sheets on approved quotes
Management Team: Keep track of the overall company performance using reports like Sales Funnel, Forecasting, Top Clients and Top Sales People.

Project Management
Software Development entails that one must have an effective way to manage projects not to get overwhelmed by the day-to-day task to finalise a project. This is why it of the upmost importance to invest in a project management system to keep track of all the project. Moreover if your company works on multiple projects concurrently this can be a nightmare for the project management team to keep track of every detail.

We currently make use of Zoho Projects, which gave us the […]

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10 Signs You Should Invest In an Inventory System

At the end of last year, during Christmas Holidays, I had to meet a friend however he cancelled his our get-together since as an accountant he was supervising the stock taking activity done every end of year at the company where he’s employed. During this era of computers it is quite surprising, however quite common that there are still companies who do not use I.T. to its potential especially when it concerns their inventory systems. Here are 10 point which should guide you if your company is the right size to invest in an Inventory System:

You invest lots of time doing stock take and you do it once a year. Having a good inventory system and managing it well will result in your people doing a stock take at least 2 times a year without disrupting your operations;
You are dependant continuously on employees. You depend on 1 or 2 people to manage your stock system and if they are unavailable you’re in trouble;
Multiple retail outlets is becoming a nightmare. You have more than 1 retail outlet and you lose sales simply because you don’t know if you have the item elsewhere – or you have to call by phone all the time to check;
No idea of stock level between your stores. You’re out of stock from an item in one retail outlet but you’re over-stocked in another outlet
Stock pricing per shelve. You need to know the cost of stock per stock, possibly per shelve;
Stock tracking within your store. You keep getting items lost, possibly to be found when you have just re-ordered;
Costing stock items is a task It takes a long time to cost items;
Getting information about current orders. You need your sales team to know what is […]

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