Content, Content Copywriting and SEO Copywriting

During the process of launching a website, one might underestimate the importance of gathering content that will be published in a website. Not a lot of people know (or appreciate) the fact that having good content is a process that requires skill and expertise.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a must when building a new website and a common misconception is that SEO is the process of getting a website top-ranked by installing some magical software. Getting a website top-ranked involves a lot of processes that must be done by people who are experienced in the field.

However building a successful website revolves around three important factors.
No matter how SEO friendly is your website, without good content you will not get continuous traffic to your website. When you write content for your website it is imperative that your content makes potential customers sticks around. If you are providing information on how to use a product, avoid being too sales orientated, if you want a potential customer to get interested in your product/service you have to make sure to display enough valuable information so the user can familiarize himself with the product. You can make a user believe that he wants your service without sounding like you are trying to force a sale. Remember that doing good marketing can get you so far, if the product, content etc is not up to par, it will work against you in the long term.
Content Copywriting
Content copywriting is about writing in a way that you convince your reader to do something i.e. Subscribe to the newsletter, share content on social sites, etc. It’s not an easy job, in fact one of the main problems with websites is that, they have […]

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The Business Side of Development

It is not a secret that most developers are interested in coding, just coding and then, more coding. In our line of business most developers tend to forget that the final ‘piece of art’ is not code but a business solution which is intended to help clients and users get a better experience at work.

It is also not a secret that most users and clients do tend to see coders, and also project analysts and designers, as aliens living in a different world. Just like what would happen if E.T. came to town, a few are intrigued while others are troubled.

So making them meet is an arduous task.

At Holistic we do believe that every project we take is a learning experience. So we do not expect the client to think in terms of code but we expect that we learn from the client the client’s business side and thus we can then talk in business language. In our elicitation process we strive to learn more, do research and propose a solution which we believe is required, and only after refinement the requirements with the client we develop the solution. In order to keep costs low, we like to use frameworks, mostly built in-house or open source, sometimes depending on the project third party licensed.

Being in a small country we have to become experts in many areas and we use our experience in all these areas to implement them in other areas. That is why we believe that we can give you the best solution for success – our holistic approach to success.

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Hello World V2.0

Hello World … well we have actually been here since 1994. Times change, and so did we. After much discussions, internal restructuring and a lot of soul searching, we have re-discovered the core of our existence, our raison d’être. The name Holistic was chosen by our founders as an implication that we offer holistic IT solutions and that was the rebranding exercise we undertook. Instead of looking at Holistic as employees, we shifted our role to see it in the eyes of anyone who wants to do business with us.

One of the major changes was the merging of Holistic Research and Development with Holistic Outsourcing to yield Holistic Solutions. First and foremost the names of the departments were confusing and somewhat misleading. More than that, we realized that clients want a solution from us irrespective of whether it is a website or a web based application (developed by the Holistic Research and Development team) or an ERP Solution (developed by the Holistic Outsourcing Team). We have also invested in our digital solutions by introducing iPhone, Android & Windows Mobile Apps development. This completed our shift to become a one stop shop for our clients for everything related to IT Solutions.

Hence, what better name than Solutions? We also undertook an extensive stock taking exercise to see what products and services we have, what will be continued to be sold, what needs to be modified and what we need to stop selling or outsource to third parties. This will enable us to focus our efforts on our core activities, hence providing the unparalleled service we are known for. The past couple of years we’ve also worked on creating our resellers & partners network which was a […]

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