Every start-up is eager to start selling to start operating and make money. However, a common mistake when starting a new company, is that some firms think that being a small company equals no need for certain operating procedures. This is when they are setting themselves up to fail. One of the most important aspects for a company is making sure that to keep track of the sales process. This means, identifying ones’ potentials as well as identifying which sectors are providing the company with the largest percentage of the turnover. This is all possible by making sure that during daily operating procedures, a firm gives importance to the use of a Contact Relationship Management (CRM) system.
Let’s start by saying that for us, at Holistic, we use our CRM system for all contacts, keeping track of suppliers, partners and even employees. Having all this info within our CRM system gives us the possibility to always have this information available and updated.
CRM for Start-up

Keeping Track of Contacts

With the increase of employees, it is important that information about company’s contact is shared. This can be done very easily if all information about the contacts are stored within a CRM system. When employees search for a contact, they can find the information and activities related to said contact. If the CRM system is maintained, the information stored in the system can help an employee focus on the job at hand and be more efficient.
CRM for Start-up

Emails, Quotes and Discussion

What is the most important system to have in place when starting a business? An email account. Most start-ups can operate with just an email account. However, when the start-up has 5 to 6 employees constantly updating each other, the project can, in turn, be a huge headache. In our line of work, we meet a lot of businesses that operate small companies under the same roof.
Yes, they have one price list, they operate under the same company name, but since they are dealing with different clients, the company is naturally segmented. This may be burdensome to the company as there is no snapshot on how the is company performing; there is no analytical data to identify which clients are giving the company the most turnover. For all intent and purposes, it could be that two sales people are providing the company with 90% of the turnover. Needless to say, getting this information out of your email accounts will become more difficult every day.
Therefore, making sure all emails, quotes and discussion are centrally located in a CRM system, is a way you can avoid this pitfall. Management can keep track of emails being sent to clients. If potential sales are entered in the CRM system, the management team would be able to issue a sales forecast report. Sales Managers can follow-up on any ongoing sales by reviewing a sales pipeline report so as to identify potential sales that are almost closed. Moreover, a firm can monitor performance of their sales people and reward those who are performing.
Sales Perfomance for Start-up
Lastly, having all this information available with ease, is something that most companies take for granted. Many start-ups tend to think that as long as expenses are being covered and profit is being generated, everything is going smoothly. However, it is important that a company keeps itself informed with all its ongoing operations. Consequently, a company having a CRM system as part of their foundation, can ensure scalable and monitored growth.