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As our slogan states, we do not sell a product, we deliver Holistic solutions. Indeed, we endeavour to involve the client in all steps of the project to ensure that we truly provide a solution built around our client’s needs.

Our team will help you identify your requirements and design an intuitive system that is specifically created to help you attain your goals . All this while guaranteeing that your system will be built within a reliable and robust framework that has been created by experts in the field.

Web Applications & Web Sites


At Holistic we believe that a website is a must for a company to enhance your online presence. Our designers and developers will assist you in all stages of implementing you company’s website.  We can guarantee that your website will include:

  • State-of-the-art design and focused on providing a pleasant user experience
  • Maximises user engagement and retention
  • Easily updated by non technical users
  • Compatible with different browsers
  • Responsive Design for Mobile devices
  • SEO Friendly for search engines
  • Social Media connectivity
  • Analytical tools to track views and ROI on marketing campaigns

Mobile Applications


Our Mobile App development team offers various mobile apps that can be deployed on modern mobile platforms. Our expertise can assist you in creating a mobile app that can help you reach your target market. Some example of mobile apps developed by our team include:

  • Inventory Management Apps
  • E-Catalog Apps
  • Geo Locations Apps
  • Educational Apps
  • Planning and Management Apps
  • Custom Development on iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Mobile solutions

WiSDoM Business Platform (ERP)


WiSDoM is not your ordinary out-of-the-box system. It is a horizontal platform developed and used by Holistic to tackle vertical business solutions.

  • Scalable & Customisable Solutions
  • Core Modules included
  • Contacts Management
  • Purchasing Management
  • Inventory Management & Logistics
  • Sales & Invoicing
  • Shipping
  • Core, Security & Auditing
  • iConnect (Data Transfer Framework to connect and map data from/to Navision, Sharepoint, Sage, Office, Infor LN, SAP, Others)
  • Core Business Intelligence and Dashboarding