The WiSDoM Business Platform was developed to create an affordable solution that allows enterprises to rapidly implement internal systems that will help you to automate their day-to-day business activities. WiSDoM is a horizontal platform which enables the deployment of various vertical solutions. These products are scalable and customisable and thus can easily fit your needs. As a result, the WiSDoM Business Platform will help you to focus on key decision-making activities and not the maintenance of reliable data management. The WiSDoM Business Platform provides the following core modules & vertical solutions:  
  • WiSDoM Business Platform Core Modules
  • WiSDoM Inventory Management
  • WiSDoM Business Intelligence (BI) & Reporting
  • WiSDoM CRM (Contact Relationship Management)

The WiSDom Business Platform is made up from a list of core modules that will allow you to cater for most of your buisness process. These core modules were built after years of experience acquired from dealing with clients from a vast spectrum of industries. The WiSDoM Business Platform core modules include:

  • Contacts Management
  • Purchasing Management
  • Inventory Management & Logistics
  • Sales & Invoicing
  • Quality Control
  • Shipping
  • Core, Security & Auditing
  • iConnect (A Data Transfer Framework to connect and map data from/to Navision, Sharepoint, Sage, Office, Infor LN, SAP & others)
  • Core Business Intelligence with Dashboarding

WiSDoM Inventory Management is an extensive module within the WiSDoM business suite. The system is designed with the Store Manager in mind and is designed to keep track of stock across an unlimited number of stores in unlimited divisions.

Account executives and business owners deem it essential to have facilities that will enable them to review past stock evaluation endeavours together with features that enable them to conduct extensive audit checks. Through the WiSDoM Inventory Management they will be able to benefit from the following facilities:

  • Additions to Stock Items and Stock Categories
  • Batch and Transaction Management
  • Location Management (Price History, Reordering Levels and Stock Levels)
  • Track Stock Items in multiple locations & warehouses
  • Custom Pricing for suppliers and customers
  • Issuing of various document types (such as Purchase Orders, Goods Received Note [GRN], Sales Order, Invoices, Credit Notes, Delivery Notes and Requisitions)
  • Linkages with the WiSDoM CRM module


Keep Track of Your Contacts with WiSDoM CRM

The WiSDoM Contacts is a centralised location where business contacts are kept. This includes categories dedicated to Clients, Suppliers and Employees. The WiSDoM CRM module will give you the possibility to build better relationships with your customers, suppliers and employees. Indeed, by using the WiSDoM CRM you can target potential customers and suppliers since Sales Teams will be able to input potential leads. The Sales Manager can subsequently monitor potentials and issue sales forecasts based on the information inputed by the Sales Team. The WiSDoM CRM gives you the possibility to insert categories dedicated to activities conducted by the Sales Team. Amongst others, these categories can vary from Calls, Task, Events and all activities can be assigned to specific employees for follow-ups.

  • Build better relationships with your customers / suppliers / partners / employees.
  • Target potential customers / suppliers.
  • Track / Sales / Purchasing Activities.
  • Advance Analytics for Sales / Purchasing.
  • Competitor Tracking & Monitoring.
  • Customer Complaints Tracking.



Why choose Business Intelligence (BI) Systems?

Is your business getting buried in spreadsheets, presentations and reports generated from a number of I.T. systems? Do you have analysts producing month end reports for the management? Companies spend a considerable amount of time and resources collecting huge amounts of data from a variety of diverse sources and from across all areas of its business. A successful Business BI strategy will allow you to consolidate data from multiple sources and giving you the ability to make quick informed decisions when you need most.

How can BI Software help your business?

  • decision-making is based on real information rather than the instincts of decision-makers and can also be made at all levels
  • prevent information overload by helping to sift irrelevant data, presenting key information in a structured way that’s tailored to the needs of the business and its objectives
  • data is presented in an easily understandable format that enables decisions to be made quickly and logically
  • dashboard functionality makes it easy to analyse, reformat and manipulate data
  • reports can be reliably and automatically generated – giving you more time to devote to what you do best
  • identifying opportunities and issues within your data
  • experience and human intelligence can be used in the interpretation of data, rather than making intuitive judgments.

The WiSDoM BI & Reporting

The WiSDoM BI & Reporting module is a platform developed to allow the integration of various BI solutions and custom reports. The true power of this module lies in the ability to add client specific dashboard and reports without having to change any of the core module functionality. This gives us the possibility to implement any dashboard and reports you may require for your day-to-day operations. The BI & Reporting features:

  • A complete BI solution that includes analysis, reports, live dashboards and data warehousing.
  • It unifies and normalizes data gained from various data sources.
  • Real-Time data analysis using Data Visualization.
  • Deep analysis with quick filtering.
  • Automatic drill-down or ad-hoc analysis.
  • Trends analysis including forecasts through mathematical statistics.
  • Indicator-centered data management including creating of new KPIs.
  • Supports Mobile devices.